Books by Systems & Forecasts writers Gerald and Marvin Appel introduce investors to financial topics including: Earning more income from your investments, Trading using technical charts, Understanding Exchange Traded Funds, Global Investing strategies, MACD and many more.

Books by Systems & Forecasts writers Gerald and Marvin Appel introduce investors to financial topics including: Earning more income from your investments, Trading using technical charts, Understanding Exchange Traded Funds, Global Investing strategies, MACD and many more.

Investing with Exchange-Traded Funds Made Easy

Dr. Marvin Appel reveals what ETFs can and can't do, explains why they're not all equally attractive, and shows exactly how to use them to beat the market. Drawing on objective data, back-tested strategies, Dr. Appel shows how to move into the right ETFs at the right time, consistently staying on the winning side of major market trends. Dr. Appel starts by explaining how ETFs work, and then illuminates every facet of ETF investing: quantifying potential risk and reward; using ETFs to improve diversification; implementing simple 'active strategies'; deciding when to move from ETFs into cash; and much more. This book includes a full chapter on international ETF investing, as well as the most clear-headed assessment of tax-oriented ETF investing ever written.


Dr. Marvin Appel is president of Signalert Asset Management LLC with more than $200 million in assets. In addition he is the editor of Systems and Forecasts, one of the world's top investment newsletters. He has been featured on CNNfn, CNBC, CBS, and

Higher Returns from Safe Investing

In this concise, highly readable book, Marvin Appel, Ph.D., M.D. and President of Signalert Asset Management, shares his knowledge and insights into different strategies for generating income in one's investment portfolio.  He explains the various income investments including bonds, preferred stocks, covered calls, mutual funds and income-generating ETF's. He avoids technical jargon, offering instead detailed, specific ways to construct a portfolio that produces income while avoiding excessive exposure to risk.


In this low interest environment, it is very difficult to find yield. Read Higher Returns from Safe Investing, and you'll be off to a good start. 

Technical Analysis: Power Tools for Active Investors

In this book, Gerald Appel provides explanations and illustrations of how to use technical indicators and charting techniques to analyze and select securities for trading.


When he founded his investment company Signalert Corporation in the 1970's, Gerald Appel began to develop and utilize statistical trading systems to spot trends to guide his trades of equity and income mutual funds, stocks, and derivatives. He was a pioneer in the field of technical trading, and he is still considered by some to be a market legend. He invented an indicator used today in most stock charting software called the MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) Indicator.


Statistical techniques can assist investors in their day-to-day trading activities to ensure that emotions don't get in the way of analysis. For long-term investing as well as short-term decision-making, this book can help equip investors with tools to weather bear market cycles, as well as profit from market advances.


Mr. Appel is an expert trader, a seasoned investment professional and Chairman of Signalert Asset Management LLC.

Beating the Market, 3 Months at a Time

Beating the Market, 3 Months at a Time offers well researched strategies that may increase your investment returns while reducing risks associated with buying, hoping, and holding. A must read for investors (experienced or not).


The key to making it happen is actually quite simple: they advise you to follow 5 steps in order to manage your investments so well that you end up beating the market.


In Beating the Market, 3 Months at a Time, they argue that savvy, active investing works. Instead of handing all your money over to a financial planner or investing everything in a mutual fund and hoping for the best, you should become a self-sufficient investor.


Gerald Appel is the founder of Signalert Corporation, chairman of Signalert Asset Management and the inventor of the MACD.


Marvin Appel is president of Signalert Asset Management LLC an investment advisory firm with more than $300 million in client assets under active management. Dr. Appel currently serves as the editor of Systems and Forecasts.

Opportunity Investing

Gerald Appel is a well-known author, technical analyst, and creator of the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator used on most charting software. "Opportunity Investing" is Mr. Appel's practical guide to investing in U.S. and international stocks, ETF's, bonds, money market instruments, mutual funds and real estate investment securities. His goal is to educate investors on how to create a balanced portfolio. He covers the basics of how to select the best mutual funds. He discusses the four year and presidential election market cycles, and such technical tools as the advance decline line and new high/new low breadth indicator.


Even if you consider yourself a well-rounded investor, you may not realize the many investment opportunities available. The goal of this book is to help readers become intelligent, informed, active investors.

Beat the Market: Win with Proven Stock Selection and Market Timing Tools

Using Gerald Appel’s techniques in this book, you will learn how to forecast the likely direction of the market, and its relative strength compared with fixed income and other investments. The book provides exact buy-sell indicators, with specific signal generators and track records for readers to follow. In addition, Appel’s techniques help you identify the specific mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and market sectors that are likely to be most profitable.


This book shows you what information you need to forecast the direction of stock prices with high probabilities of success, where to readily locate that information, how to interpret that information, and when to enter and when to exit the stock market.


  • Gauge the market’s true inner pulse and identify major market shifts in time to take advantage of them.

  • Optimize your portfolio’s blend of risk and reward. Use rigorously tested timing models to systematically reduce risk and maximize profit opportunities.

  • Master powerful momentum investing techniques. Win by going with the flow, not against it.

  • Select the right equities, ETFs, and mutual funds. Objectively choose the best investments in any market environment.

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