In addition to Dr. Marvin Appel, our contributors are senior portfolio management with over 30 years work experience at Signalert Asset Management. They both manage our investment partnerships as well as perform research analysis.

Marvin Appel

President, Signalert Asset Management

Editor, Systems & Forecasts

Marvin began his career with Signalert in 1996 and is now president of the company. In addition to advising clients and overseeing the investment policies of the company and our research efforts, Marvin has written three investment books published by Financial Times/Prentice-Hall (“Investing in Exchange-Traded Funds Made Easy, Beating the Market Three Months at a Time, and Higher Returns from Safe Investments). He also edits Signalert’s investment newsletter, Systems and Forecasts, which has been in continuous publication since 1973. 

Before entering the field of investment management, Marvin originally trained as an anesthesiologist at Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins Hospital. He concurrently earned a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Harvard University. 

Contact: mappel@signalert.com

Gerald Appel

Founding Editor, Systems & Forecasts

Founder, Signalert Asset Management

Gerald founded Signalert in 1973 after several years’ experience as a financial columnist and trader for his own account. He was among the pioneers of using technical analysis to trade mutual funds with the goal of increasing the safety of normally risky stock market investments. Among his many contributions to the field is his invention of the MACD indicator in the late 1970s, which is still widely used by traders. 

At the time he founded Signalert, Gerald was a practicing psychotherapist. He graduated
Brooklyn College and did his graduate studies at New York University



Joon Choi

Sr. Portfolio Manager/Research Analyst, Signalert Asset Management 

In addition to the daily portfolio management of Signalert’s investment partnerships, Joon serves as a research analyst to perform quantitative analyses of both equity and bond markets. He also works with the Director of Research in order to formulate the investment strategies that we utilize in managing client accounts.

Joon has over 19 years of industry experience and over 15 years of experience at Signalert Asset Management. He graduated from Colgate University with a B.A. degree in Economics. He later earned his M.B.A. in Finance from New York University. He is fluent in Korean.

Contact: jchoi@signalert.com

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